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About Us

Enclosed with the looming snow capped fortress on one end and emerald blue colored Ocean on other is a state of India called West Bengal. It is a state of India which not only has been blessed by the abundance of nature but it is also a historical significant place. From daunting valleys of Darjeeling dotted with aromatic tea leaves to the warm slivery beaches of Digha you can find it all in this very state of West Bengal.

If you are planning to visit this historically etched state, then Uttarbangla Parjatan is at your service. Uttarbangla Parjatan is tourism firm which operate tours for the places in West Bengal region. We are a group of highly qualified team who are always aspiring to provide high quality service.

We offer tailor-made and flexible tour package which are made after thoroughly analyzing about the clients preference. In Uttarbangla Parjatan we believe even the small things matter so all the tour packages are made to justify the satisfaction of our clients.

Let your feet sink in the warm sandy beaches of Digha and Talasari or sore upon river Ganga to explore the mysterious mangrove forest of Sundarban, famous for their man eating Tigers with Uttarbangla Parjatan.

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